Fournier RF4-D 1/3rd Scale


A builders kit for 12 ft span scale model of this clasic motor glider

"a real pleasure to fly"

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Third Scale Fournier blah blas

Fournier RF4-D  1/3rd Scale - 12ft Wingspan.

Here is the prototype RF4 approaching completion of the structure - this only took about 2-3days thanks to our unique design (with features like tags and slots) that allow the whole structure to be "clicked together" -in fact it can be assembled without glue!

What do you get in the kit?

all the laser cut formers, ribs, spars side pieces, tailplane, fin & rudder formers etc.

you also get the cyparis stringers, Wing and Tailplane Joining Tubes,

Also available are fibreglass Cowl and clear Canopy.



here you can see the "Front Assembly" incorporating the engine bearers

The Wing also "Clicks together" and the plan is really just used as a reference

The Wing structure nearly completed

The Wing is skinned as per the full size  - you can also see the integral wing joining tubes which allow a quick yet strong wing mounting.

the prototype was flown with a 35cc petrol engine which gives a very spirited aerobatic performance, like the Skyhawks and Unipart Teams showed off these great aircraft with.  Using a smaller motor will still fly the model well as a motor-glider.

This model is also suitable for conversion to electric power ....

Here is a video of the second flight of the Prototype - the kit is now 2kg lighter than this first one...

Here are some pictures of the RF4 flying at the Scottish Airshow - thanks to Alasdair Suterland for sending these great shots in


Now that's a LOW pass!

Click to play Fournier RF4 3rd Scale

Wingspan 12ft

81 ins

AUW 20-22lbs depending on builder and gear fitted
Engine Capacity: 25-40cc Petrol (35cc recommended for good general aerobaticperformance)

4-6 Channels

1 Receivers

General Good quality servos - 4-7kg pull - I use Futaba 3305 Servos all round

Colour: Variety of Scale colour schemes to use
Build Level


Pilot Level intermediate